With all our lapel pins, cufflinks, wrist watches, pocket watches and tie pins we supply a jewellery box for easy protection and storage.

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If you have lost the butterfly clasp of your lapel pin, Masonic Store will provide you with a new one free of charge. Please contact us for this.

Maintenance of Regalia and Items.

After longer use, your regalia may become dirty or worn. Therefore, taking care of your products is very important.
For this reason, we have collected a number of maintenance tips for you on this page, to ensure that your regalia continues to look good for years to come.


Most lapels, cordons, sashes and collarettes are made of moire regalia fabric. Leather or faux leather has also been used in lapels. This is a natural product and will naturally crease with age. Exposure to a lot of natural light will also cause your lap sheet to discolour over time. Ribbons, embroidery and fringe are also subject to wrinkling and crushing if not stored with care.

Certain regalia can be cleaned. We recommend doing this with a special machine. A wet cloth can sometimes cause stains to appear. After cleaning, it is not guaranteed that the product is 100% clean. We can have your regalia professionally cleaned. Please contact contact with us.

Always store your regalia lying down. We therefore recommend always storing your regalia in one of our Regalia Suitcases or Bags. Do not fold them, as this may cause creases, damage, permanent lines or tears in the embroidery. When storing your lap sheet, we recommend covering it with a protective piece of material to separate it from other regalia or items in your suitcase or bag.

Metal articles

Like most metal parts and jewellery, tarnish can occur on the decorations on lapels, regalia parts and breast jewellery. Do not use chemical cleaners to clean your jewellery or metal items. The engraving on your chest jewellery may be damaged. The ribbon and metal may also change colour if you apply products not intended for certain metals.

We recommend that you clean metal surfaces without cleaning products. A gentle wipe with a microfibre cloth is sufficient. This will bring back the lustre of your jewellery or metal articles.

Other articles

We recommend not to wash Regalia, Ties and bags in the machine. These items can only be cleaned on the dirty spot itself, for example with a cloth or with a special cleaning service.

Gloves, socks, handkerchiefs etc. can be washed with lukewarm water. It is important not to wash them too hot in order to avoid discolouration. If you are washing in a washing machine, make sure you use a wash bag. Embroidery on gloves can be destroyed in a washing machine.

Articles that have been washed cannot be returned.

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Regalia can be professionally cleaned for you.
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To protect your valuable regalia, we recommend storing them in a special regalia case or bag.
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